Janice Walkden

Biography of Janice Walkden

I live in Lancashire in England and I work with my husband in the photographic industry. I write poetry (obviously) but I am also trained in holistic therapies and healing. All of my poems are under copyright. Please get in touch with me if you are planning to reproduce them elsewhere. Generally I don't mind so much (as long as there is no commercial gain involved) , but I should be approached first.


Its good to talk
or so they say
Fine to wish another
good luck or good day

What I object to
is the useless spam
and emails that are
nothing but a scam

So if you are going
to write and say ‘hi’
that’s fine - its okay -
I’ll try to reply

But please be aware
and don’t be shocked
If you contact me with a scam in mind
you will be blocked! !

I don't mind receiving messages from others here, so as long as they are not spams or scams or inappropriate in any way. Anything received of such a nature will be ignored, deleted or reported. I hope that is clear :)

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For at least a month before the date
Red hearts and flowers will decorate
The windows of shops all over the place
For Valentines day and the human ‘chase’
Its a big thing too these days
money to be made in the Valentines craze
Something that started so long ago
When a priest disobeyed Claudius’s law
He continued to marry despite the ban