Janice Windle

Janice Windle Poems

1. (journey Inwards Collection) .... Waking 9/29/2007
2. (pains And Regrets Collection) .... Grieving 7/13/2008
3. (journey Inwards Collection) .... Epiphany In Taormina 8/10/2008
4. (haiku And Tankas) .... Happy Journey 8/2/2008
5. (growing Pains) Supervising An Ict Class On A Sunny Morning 9/9/2008
6. (growing Pains) 4. Feeding The Geese 9/21/2008
7. (growing Pains) 9. It Isn'T Fair. 9/21/2008
8. (growing Pains) 8. The Flood 9/22/2008
9. (growing Pains) 6. At The Seaside 9/22/2008
10. (for Dónall) A Deserving Case For Love? 9/22/2008
11. (pains And Regrets Collection) .... The Eleventh Of September 9/20/2008
12. (pains And Regrets Collection) Bridging The Gap 10/5/2008
13. (pains And Regrets) The Kitchen Remembers 10/8/2008
14. (pains And Regrets) Grieving In The Bedroom 11/9/2008
15. (pains And Regrets) The Living Room Remembers 11/9/2008
16. (for Dónall) Popup 11/30/2008
17. (stuff And Nonsense) Metaphorically Speaking 12/19/2008
18. (memory Chest) Excursion On The Cathedral Express 1/3/2009
19. (for Donall) Winning Hand 1/15/2009
20. Poem Written In Response To An Idea By Sameer Ahmed 1/21/2009
21. It Was Dark When They Met 2/4/2009
22. It Was Dark When They Met (Revised) 2/5/2009
23. (my Mother) Glenvilla 3/25/2009
24. (poems From Haunted Houses) Ardival 3/31/2009
25. (my Mother) Midnight Sun 4/1/2009
26. (stuff And Nonsense) High Achiever 4/5/2009
27. (stuff And Nonsense) Under-Achiever 4/5/2009
28. (memory Chest) Salvaging The Past 4/9/2009
29. (memory Chest) Admiration (For Margaret) 4/13/2009
30. (memory Chest) Much Ado 4/10/2009
31. Portrait Of A Politician At Bay 5/16/2009
32. (poems From Haunted Houses) Moonlight In Ardival 7/17/2009
33. (stuff And Nonsense) One Of Those (Sci-Fi) Days 7/22/2009
34. (stuff And Nonsense) One Of Those (Sad) Days 7/22/2009
35. (landscapes Collection) Seascape, Dorking 11/15/2009
36. (landscapes Collection) Leaves 11/15/2009
37. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Tragic Tale Of Tracey Who Longed For Fame At Any Cost 11/15/2009
38. (seasonal Poems) Annunciation 12/6/2009
39. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Sad Story Of Michael, Who Was An Habitual Flirt 12/6/2009
40. Christmas In Hong Kong (1981) 12/7/2009

Comments about Janice Windle

  • Azad Bongobasi Azad Bongobasi (4/16/2015 1:28:00 AM)

    I like your poems

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  • V.e. Perkins (4/17/2014 1:06:00 AM)

    Beautiful imagery and colour in Driving to Southhampton. Congratulations.37513

  • Donall Dempsey Donall Dempsey (7/28/2008 5:26:00 AM)

    I bow before the beauty of your poems...humbled by your talent.

    love Donall Donall

Best Poem of Janice Windle

(for Dónall) Love Song

I sat
sweating in my July hat
your leg warm on mine,
your smile glowing near my cheek,
your song, that I fancied only I could hear,
opening my heart like a flower
to the sun.

“Come, come,
No harm can be done
If I sculpt with my hands
Your curving hips;
With my tongue, part
Your waiting lips;
Reframe your sexuality
So that it’s powered by
Our loving needs.”

And all the heated day
I’m falling, falling, falling,
believing you will catch me
in your soft net.

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To sip, to sip, never to drain the cup;
To stroke with gentle lip, to savour
Slowly, slowly, tasting every flavour
That flickering tongue and loving hand yields up.

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