Janice Windle

Janice Windle Poems

81. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: Janice Who Bought Too Many Shoes 11/15/2009
82. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale - The History Of Miss X 11/15/2009
83. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Tragic Tale Of Tracey Who Longed For Fame At Any Cost 11/15/2009
84. (seasonal Poems) Annunciation 12/6/2009
85. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Story Of Peter Who Liked To Dress In Women's Clothing 12/6/2009
86. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Story Of Lizzie Who Gave Up Dieting And Found Love 12/6/2009
87. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Unfortunate Tale Of John Who Would Not Do The Ironing And Lived To Cheer Manchester United To Victory. 12/6/2009
88. (stuff And Nonsense) Cautionary Tale: The Sad Story Of Michael, Who Was An Habitual Flirt 12/6/2009
89. Christmas In Hong Kong (1981) 12/7/2009
90. (journey Inwards Collection).... The Sum Of Its Parts 10/15/2007
91. (landscapes Collection).... Autumn Trees 11/16/2007
92. (landscapes Collection).... Autumn Sky 12/8/2007
93. (journey Inwards Collection) Slugs And Snails 11/15/2009
94. (stuff And Nonsense) Official Opening Of The New School Building By Hrh Prince Philip 6/29/2009
95. (irish Poems) : Dublin Mon Amour 2/20/2009
96. Brunei Lion Dance 1/26/2009
97. (pains And Regrets Collection) .... A Lovers' Tryst 1/12/2008
98. If Not For Love 5/5/2008
99. Valentine's Card 2/9/2008
100. (growing Pains) 7. The Artists 9/20/2008
101. (for Dónall) We Catch Our Breath (Valentine) 2/5/2009
102. (memory Chest) The Policeman's Daughter 4/11/2009
103. (seasonal Poems) Christmas Decorations 12/9/2009
104. (irish Poems) : The Song Of Rose Cottage 2/20/2009
105. (stuff And Nonsense) Limericks Schlimericks 4/5/2009
106. (poems From Haunted Houses) The House That Once Was A Home 5/7/2009
107. (irish Poems) : Dad's Shed 2/22/2009
108. (my Mother) Retirement Plans 3/23/2009
109. (summer Poems) Some Haiku And Tankas - Bees And Lavender 6/22/2009
110. (seasonal Poems) Christmas Tree 12/9/2009
111. Missing The Ten Fifteen 6/20/2009
112. (for Dónall) And Why Not? / To The Ends Of The Earth / Island At The End Of The Earth 8/28/2008
113. (italian Collection) .... The Fisherman 11/10/2007
114. (memory Chest) She Had No Sisters 4/10/2009
115. (memory Chest) What's In A Name? 4/10/2009
116. (ups And Downs Collection) Mirror 1/17/2009
117. (ups And Downs Collection).... Blocked 12/8/2007
118. (italian Collection) The Thanksgiving Turkey (Final Edit) 7/11/2009
119. (seasonal Poems) Christmas In Hong Kong (1981) 12/7/2009
120. (seasonal Poems) Sacrifice 12/9/2009
Best Poem of Janice Windle

(for Dónall) Love Song

I sat
sweating in my July hat
your leg warm on mine,
your smile glowing near my cheek,
your song, that I fancied only I could hear,
opening my heart like a flower
to the sun.

“Come, come,
No harm can be done
If I sculpt with my hands
Your curving hips;
With my tongue, part
Your waiting lips;
Reframe your sexuality
So that it’s powered by
Our loving needs.”

And all the heated day
I’m falling, falling, falling,
believing you will catch me
in your soft net.

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Valentine's Card

Why do lovers sigh
Under the curved moon's eye?
Perhaps a pink heart's best
Kept in a lover's chest?
I know I must sound cynical
But Love and I are quite inimical.
No, maybe not quite true,
For one I love - it's you!

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