Janice Windle

Janice Windle Poems

121. (landscapes Collection) .... Taking Off 3/1/2008
122. (italian Collection) .... Praiano 11/7/2007
123. (italian Collection) .... The Enchanter's Tower 10/2/2007
124. (growing Pains) 3. Dog-Eat-Dog (First Day At The Toddler Group) 9/20/2008
125. (amsterdam) Upstairs And Downstairs At The Hermitage Museum 11/2/2009
126. (summer Poems) Some Haiku And Tankas) Scenes In The Garden 6/29/2009
127. (growing Pains) Red Shoes Blues 12/10/2008
128. Valentine's Card 2/9/2008
129. (summer Poems) Some Haiku And Tankas - Bees And Lavender 6/22/2009
130. (my Father) Rain Tomorrow 11/30/2008
131. (ups And Downs Collection) Mirror 1/17/2009
132. (italian Collection) The Thanksgiving Turkey (Final Edit) 7/11/2009
133. (italian Collection) .... View Of Positano From The Bus 11/3/2007
134. (irish Poems) : Francis Bacon's Studio 2/20/2009
135. (irish Poems) : Three 2/20/2009
136. (my Mother) I Want To Tell Her 3/23/2009
137. (ups And Downs Collection) Time Is The Master 12/1/2008
138. (for Dónall) Arrival 11/18/2008
139. (italian Collection - For Donall) Only Yesterday 1/11/2009
140. (for Dónall) The Message 2/5/2009
141. (ups And Downs Collection) Shadows Of Our Former Selves 11/10/2008
142. (my Mother) Staying Alive 3/14/2009
143. (growing Pains) 12. Tennis In Bournemouth 10/5/2008
144. (winter Poems) Christmas Commercial 12/15/2008
145. (for Donall) Inside, Outside 5/2/2009
146. (winter Poems) Christmas Present 12/17/2008
147. (my Mother) Double-You-Eye-Gate 3/14/2009
148. Missing The Ten Fifteen 6/20/2009
149. (for Dónall) And Why Not? / To The Ends Of The Earth / Island At The End Of The Earth 8/28/2008
150. (journey Inwards Collection) .... Soul Searching 3/3/2008
151. (winter Poems) Christmas Letters 12/15/2008
152. (for Dónall) Telephone Cuddling 11/10/2008
153. (growing Pains) Blue 9/21/2009
154. (for Donall) My Birthday 11/27/2008
155. (landscapes Collection) .... A Change Of Season 12/1/2007
156. (italian Collection) .... The Gale 11/4/2007
157. (my Mother) New Clothes 4/1/2009
158. (landscapes Collection) .... Driving Home In December 12/1/2007
159. (growing Pains) In The Eye Of The Beholder 7/23/2009
160. (spring Poems) Trees In March 3/23/2009

Comments about Janice Windle

  • Azad Bongobasi Azad Bongobasi (4/16/2015 1:28:00 AM)

    I like your poems

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  • V.e. Perkins (4/17/2014 1:06:00 AM)

    Beautiful imagery and colour in Driving to Southhampton. Congratulations.37513

  • Donall Dempsey Donall Dempsey (7/28/2008 5:26:00 AM)

    I bow before the beauty of your poems...humbled by your talent.

    love Donall Donall

Best Poem of Janice Windle

(for Dónall) Love Song

I sat
sweating in my July hat
your leg warm on mine,
your smile glowing near my cheek,
your song, that I fancied only I could hear,
opening my heart like a flower
to the sun.

“Come, come,
No harm can be done
If I sculpt with my hands
Your curving hips;
With my tongue, part
Your waiting lips;
Reframe your sexuality
So that it’s powered by
Our loving needs.”

And all the heated day
I’m falling, falling, falling,
believing you will catch me
in your soft net.

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If Not For Love

If you and I had never met and loved,
My heart would be a tight black bud,
Forever furled, seeming to be promising
A fragrant opening, a spreading bed of roses,
But closed, bitten early by the frost,
Denying access to the butterfly of love.

If my eyes had never opened on your clear gaze,
My blindness, my oblivion, would be complete.

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