Janine Alyssa Navarro

Rookie (March 21,1991 / Dubai, U.A.E.)

Janine Alyssa Navarro Poems

601. True Love And What's Not 2/14/2012
602. I Might Just Ask You To Do It Again 2/14/2012
603. 'Teach Yourself How To Love' 2/14/2012
604. Our Dreams Were Suspended 2/14/2012
605. Phantom 2/14/2012
606. The Losing Nebula 2/15/2012
607. Deny The Roses 2/15/2012
608. A Meandering Delusion 2/15/2012
609. Nothing To Me 2/15/2012
610. Slumber 2/15/2012
611. The Church Waited 2/15/2012
612. Stitch Me Together 2/17/2012
613. How? 2/17/2012
614. Is That Plath? 2/17/2012
615. Nice 2/17/2012
616. Just Like Promises 2/17/2012
617. A Hymn That Cradles Me Numb 2/17/2012
618. Dance Me To The Death 2/17/2012
619. Delusion Soiree 2/17/2012
620. Crash 2/17/2012
621. The Sullen Pauper 2/17/2012
622. Hey, Knight 2/17/2012
623. Do You Seek, Dear Knight? 2/17/2012
624. Floral Eulogy 2/17/2012
625. Hey Knight 2/17/2012
626. Bury Me In Your Words, Your Love 2/17/2012
627. Riddle Me This 2/17/2012
628. 'I Can'T Let You Go' 2/17/2012
629. Your Words Were Sunsets 2/17/2012
630. To My Stubborn Poetic Machine 2/17/2012
631. Nights And Mornings 2/17/2012
632. Yellow 2/17/2012
633. Ribbon 2/17/2012
634. Tessa, Tessa 2/19/2012
635. Bipolar Lovers 2/19/2012
636. Mere Pieces 2/19/2012
637. The Best Conversation 2/23/2012
638. Loqui 2/23/2012
639. Vivere Mori 2/23/2012
640. Dream 2/23/2012

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Best Poem of Janine Alyssa Navarro

Drinks And Daily Deaths

Do you believe that you belong
In that drowning sensation
Where you’re safe as long as
You’re constantly inundated?

Can I save you, or is it too late
To place you next to me
Where it’s safe, dry and free
From the perilousness of fallacy?

Do you see clearer with it
Instead of resting upon my dress?
Growing apart, drifting away
All it’s ever going to do is hurt you

I see you smitten, betrothed to it
I am helpless, you are lost in its seas
But it is evident that these daily deaths
Would eventually bring us together

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Faint Flower

Our love blossomed like that of a shy flower
It took some time for it to bloom
The sun shone brightly yet we didn’t haste
Every minute was as gentle as a blushing seed.

The next days were like living a book
Yet it seemed the end was too far away
We loved the way how clocks were at halt
No measurement interfered; we were besotted.

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