Janine Alyssa Navarro

Rookie (March 21,1991 / Dubai, U.A.E.)

Janine Alyssa Navarro Poems

281. Hostility Is Ours For The Taking 1/27/2012
282. I Wish 1/27/2012
283. Cut The Stem 1/27/2012
284. Trigger 1/27/2012
285. My Healing Incantation 1/27/2012
286. Thud 1/27/2012
287. Not A Poem, Just Truth 1/27/2012
288. Therapy 1/27/2012
289. Black Hole 1/27/2012
290. If He Is One With The Shadows 1/27/2012
291. Just Real Warmth 1/27/2012
292. Skipping Shadows 1/27/2012
293. Futility 1/27/2012
294. There Exists No Solution 1/27/2012
295. She Is Wandering 1/27/2012
296. Dear Beast, Love Belle 1/27/2012
297. She Was Too Shabby 1/27/2012
298. Orange And Black Blur 1/27/2012
299. Going Away, But Not To Exit 1/27/2012
300. When The Tigers Came 1/27/2012
301. Each Other's End 1/27/2012
302. Before I Fall Asleep 1/27/2012
303. 1,2,3,4 1/27/2012
304. The Lesser Pain 1/27/2012
305. The Vignette To My Existence 1/27/2012
306. Bells 1/27/2012
307. To The Death 1/27/2012
308. I Can See Your Claws, Be Proud 1/27/2012
309. Cadillac 1/27/2012
310. Tea-Cup 1/27/2012
311. Trace 1/27/2012
312. These Are Scabs 1/27/2012
313. Like Love 1/27/2012
314. Nirvana 1/27/2012
315. A Cemetery Of Strings 1/27/2012
316. The Scariest Room Alive 1/27/2012
317. We Won'T Either, No 1/27/2012
318. There Was Never A Door 1/27/2012
319. Let's Be Infinite 1/27/2012
320. The Cold Nips 1/27/2012

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Best Poem of Janine Alyssa Navarro

Drinks And Daily Deaths

Do you believe that you belong
In that drowning sensation
Where you’re safe as long as
You’re constantly inundated?

Can I save you, or is it too late
To place you next to me
Where it’s safe, dry and free
From the perilousness of fallacy?

Do you see clearer with it
Instead of resting upon my dress?
Growing apart, drifting away
All it’s ever going to do is hurt you

I see you smitten, betrothed to it
I am helpless, you are lost in its seas
But it is evident that these daily deaths
Would eventually bring us together

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Faint Flower

Our love blossomed like that of a shy flower
It took some time for it to bloom
The sun shone brightly yet we didn’t haste
Every minute was as gentle as a blushing seed.

The next days were like living a book
Yet it seemed the end was too far away
We loved the way how clocks were at halt
No measurement interfered; we were besotted.

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