Janri Gogeshvili

Rookie (1946; 31/I / The Republic of Georgia.)

Janri Gogeshvili Poems

41. The Illusion 12/18/2008
42. The Wanderer Wasn’t Seen 1/11/2009
43. Reality… 3/4/2009
44. This Street-Girl Brings Good Luck 3/29/2010
45. Though He Is A Celebrated Clown… 10/25/2007
46. Just A Few Pass The Night At The Old Parent’s Bedside 10/25/2007
47. The Homeland Attired In The Chasuble Of Nerves… 10/25/2007
48. Shuffled Phantoms 4/3/2012
49. The Smoky-Fear 4/30/2012
50. The Old Bird 10/24/2007
51. The Forests Need Beasts... 5/11/2008
52. The Future Having No Share In The Dream… 3/4/2008
53. They Think They’ve Left You Out 2/18/2008
54. The Cactus Flower Lobbies Needles... 6/20/2011
55. The Creator Is Your Warrantor… 11/29/2008
56. The Desire Enslaved Him 4/24/2008
57. That Wish Blazed With A Red Color 10/28/2008
58. The Trace Of Beauty 10/10/2008
59. The Shameless Trace 7/6/2008
60. Only He Is Worthy To Wash The Savior’s Feet… 2/24/2008
61. With A False Pen… 2/27/2008
62. The Drooping Rose Needs No Make-Up… 10/24/2007
63. It Couldn’t Turn Into Wings… 5/20/2008
64. In The Cemetery Of Your Soul… 9/28/2008
65. The Orator Was Proud… 4/26/2008
66. One Must Know How To Grow Old… 3/4/2008
67. Then He Nakedness Has Deeply Sighed... 9/11/2008
68. The Verse Forged By The Soul 7/18/2008
69. The Dream Of The Heart 6/10/2008
70. I’ve Lost One Verse With Tinkling Lines 11/15/2008
71. The Aquarium 1/3/2009
72. To Nourish One’s Pain … 3/7/2008
73. Each Man Knits His Own Net… 3/4/2008
74. Do Greet The Cosmic Winds With Sails 2/14/2008
75. The Taste Of The Grain 5/14/2008
76. He Started To Bark In Someone’s Sky… 5/25/2008
77. Eyes Lassos, Too, Are Strained… 7/19/2010
78. A Man Splashed In That Puddle 4/22/2008
79. He Stops On His Way… 10/26/2007
80. Hope And Expectation Inspire Her… 2/20/2008

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Best Poem of Janri Gogeshvili

! At Last It Is Revealed…

It is revealed at last
That the downright
Have a helper,
That a needy and poor man
Is not always a beggar,
That God helps
The artless and upright,
Promising them
Radiance and light.

It is revealed at last
That a single warrior
Is helped by the forces –
The threats to the foe,
And that the unclad
But attired in grace
Are able to assault
The whole space…

It is revealed in the end
That the enemy
Turns into a friend –
Into a brother proud
Of his descent,
That God is
With the artless
And upright, ...

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The Bull

He was a bull,
No doubt, a true bull…
Immensely huge,
Immensely hasty…
With his ancestors’ wild blood…
With glittering horns,
Elusive like snow-slip,
Shining and black, –
As if dancing and whirling

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