Jarvis Black

Rookie (6.26.1978 / U.S.)

Biography of Jarvis Black

Jarvis Black poet

Jarvis Black was born in the southeast corner of Texas, against the backdropp of the Gulf of Mexico and a sky dotted by the vast petroleum refineries. Always having a love for verse, he began writing at a young age to escape his emotional state, only to define his bitter, often maudlin, no-holds-barred style by the time he'd reached his early twenties. He is a gifted musician and artist, but his first and truest love is writing. (from old wikipedia entry, now deleted)

He is the author of two anthologies of poetry, with a third, 'Madhouse Strays' to be published by summer of 2008.

(- Biography thanks to Miles Arthur.)

Jarvis Black's Works:

5000 Miles From Anywhere Recognizable

Broken By A Promise, Poisoned By A Kiss

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I take drinks with the whore and
the wiseman
and live one thousand times
between them
i sit for tea with a shepard
and a ghost
i am awed by the insight
i dangle by a thread
over beasts and vipers
with whore, ghost,
the wise and
the flock keeper
to take witness
to write poem
when i am dead
when i am gone

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