Jarvis Black

Rookie (6.26.1978 / U.S.)

Biography of Jarvis Black

Jarvis Black poet

Jarvis Black was born in the southeast corner of Texas, against the backdropp of the Gulf of Mexico and a sky dotted by the vast petroleum refineries. Always having a love for verse, he began writing at a young age to escape his emotional state, only to define his bitter, often maudlin, no-holds-barred style by the time he'd reached his early twenties. He is a gifted musician and artist, but his first and truest love is writing. (from old wikipedia entry, now deleted)

He is the author of two anthologies of poetry, with a third, 'Madhouse Strays' to be published by summer of 2008.

(- Biography thanks to Miles Arthur.)

Jarvis Black's Works:

5000 Miles From Anywhere Recognizable

Broken By A Promise, Poisoned By A Kiss

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The ocean waves rolled her,
pitched her brilliant smile
so close to mine
that my heart
nearly took up fins and gills
to swim for the deep.
Her brown hips peaked
like mountains lucid
against the ocean's urge.

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