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Patiently Waiting

Free your mind and come with me,
pass the skies and beyond the sea.
Where love is kept and fires burn,
and passion is found at every turn.
Take my hand and cast aside,
fears and doubts you've known to hide.
Within my arms you will find peace,
my eternal love shall never cease.
Stay with me and lose the pain,
that vivid memories could not explain.
Noone exists but you and I,
as we gaze into the midnight sky.
Close your eyes and feel me near,
if it's my voice you cannot hear.
Is it my touch you've never known,
or perhaps my presence never shown?
For now I'll remain behind my words,
until the day my voice is heard.
And on that day you will leave behind,
your withered heart and troubled mind.
Keep me near when the world is cold,
give to me your heart to hold.
In my hands it shall never drop,
your fragile heart will never stop.
Come to me when the sun has set,
where the sea and sky have often met.
Feel my love, wipe away your tears
stay with me and remove my fears.

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jarvis price Popularity

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