Jas Andrada

Jas Andrada Poems

1. Disguised Lies 5/1/2009
2. Killing Machine 5/1/2009
3. Dark Vendetta 11/1/2010
4. Violet 11/1/2010
5. He's A Killer 11/1/2010
6. Michael Who? 11/1/2010
7. I Hate Goodbyes 11/1/2010
8. What Love Is 11/1/2010
9. Each Other 11/1/2010
10. What Time Is It 11/1/2010
11. English Project 11/1/2010
12. The Waiting 11/1/2010
13. Clock 11/1/2010
14. Silverware 11/1/2010
15. Sleep 11/1/2010
16. Dark Betrayal 11/2/2007
17. As Much? 6/27/2011
18. Unknown 6/27/2011
19. Addicted 11/2/2007
20. Twilight Is Fading 11/2/2007
21. September Days 2/23/2009
22. Just Stay A Rock 7/25/2008
23. Lost Love 1/14/2009
Best Poem of Jas Andrada

Just Stay A Rock

During those sleepless nights
I’m caressed with fear
Fear that you might take the light
Fear that it’ll be unclear

Love isn’t just about the kiss,
The hug, the date, and lust
But love is the eternal bliss
That is filled with rust

We can’t find true passion
In just a simple moment
We must wait for the season
‘Till we have our commitment

Let’s wait for our blooming time
Before we try this puzzle
We must master this unique rhyme
‘Coz it’ll make our mind boggle

Love isn’t a game for kids
‘Coz it is hard to reach
If you do ...

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Lost Love

Tell me young man
Why are you so numb?
You don’t care if I die
Yet you tell me I’m dumb

My heart is shouting at your ear
You’re so deaf that you can’t hear
Now I’m paralyzed with fear
‘Coz all things are so unclear

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