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Hey! I love writing poems in my free time on here, and I also love getting comments and making comments. I like drawing and mostly creative things, I usually volunteer a lot. I also love animals. I have 2 cats, and hope to get a dog soon. I may not be the best poet, but I sure love what I do, just writing what I feel.. Feels good. :)

Jasmine Aira's Works:

Sorry I don't have any published books but maybe if I become a good poet I can do that?

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Lift Up Your Shoe

Lift up your shoe.
You got a pile of doo.
Lift up your shoe.
You got a stain on it too.
Lift up your shoe.
I see some red goo.
It's kinda like my heart.
Except my heart is well planned apart.
Lift up your shoe.
I think it's calling to you.
Lift up your shoe.
There's always something new.

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