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umm. lets see my favorite thing to do is hang with my friends. i guess i like to write somewhat of the time. but the truth is i write what comes to my mind lol. im freshmeat in high school i live in florida now. for anybody who doesnt no what freshmeat is its freshmens lol. if you dont like my peoms i understand i dnt like most of ethier but i still put them up here lol yourr probably like why does she put them up then. well maybe you will like them or could give me tips on how to fix it lol. well read all my peoms because there might be a sursipe lol byee... lol luv ya :)

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Suicide Is Calling

suicide is callling wonder what i will do to myself
suicide is call wonder if i will hang myself
suicide is calling wonder if i will overdose
suicide is calling wonder if i will shoot myself
suicide is calling wonder if i will cut my thorat

suicide is calling there saying it time wonder which one i will pick? ? ?

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