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81. Heal Earth Heal 7/19/2013
82. Whats A Black Life Really Worth 7/29/2013
83. I Smile 7/30/2013
84. What Life Takes 10/15/2013
85. Understanding 10/15/2013
86. People Taking Things For Granted And The Darkness 10/15/2013
87. How Else You Going To Learn If You Don'T Get Hurt 10/14/2013
88. A Womans Wrath 10/14/2013
89. Life Is A Rollacoaster 10/14/2013
90. Victims Of The System 10/25/2013
91. Fellas Trus An Believe Me Its The Truth See 10/14/2013
92. Me 11/2/2013
93. Positive World 11/2/2013
94. You Love Is All I Need 11/2/2013
95. Who Be Unto Thee 11/3/2013
96. Some Men 11/4/2013
97. Education For Her 11/13/2013
98. The New World 11/20/2013
99. Memoriess Of A Kingpin 11/20/2013
100. Lions 11/25/2013
101. No One Can Live Without Love 11/25/2013
102. Love Em Dont Trust Em Women 1/28/2014
103. Whats Life Worth 2/2/2014
104. The Season Can Never Feel Free 7/18/2013
105. From The Heart 7/18/2013
106. Pain 2/14/2014
107. Say Goodbye And Goodnight For The Rest Of Your Life 2/17/2014
108. Signs Of The Times 3/5/2014
109. Real Or Fake 4/3/2014
110. Unpredictability Of Life 5/17/2014
111. A Lion Will Guard His Master 5/17/2014
112. Missing You 5/19/2014
113. Whatever 5/21/2014
114. The Prophet 5/21/2014
115. Dreamchaser (The Uncommon Breed) 5/25/2014
116. The American Dream 5/25/2014
117. The Drug Called Love 6/4/2014
118. Hypocricy Everywhere 7/7/2014
119. Paid To Be A Slave 7/7/2014
120. Mass Curruption By Govt 7/8/2014

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I Cry

I cry
with tears in my eyes
how i feel inside
without my girls my by side
daddy loves u with all my heart
i wish we'd never have to be apart
this is the only way to let u know
how much i love u so
i wish i never had to go
only god knows
i've lost my soul
now i don't know
i wanted u close to me
so i could be the best daddy
but it wasnt meant to be
but you will always be my heart
always from the start
my lov will never part
i will always be here
i will always care
you hav nothing to fear
my dear
i love my children with all my...

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Just How I Feel

Just How I Feel

i learned how to survive eat in the street

everyone that i meet

i enjoyed the ride

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