Jason Callender

Veteran Poet - 1,439 Points (01/21/1981 / Barbados)

Jason Callender Quotes

  • ''Once you take the engine out a ferrari you no longer have a ferrari!''
    do not change something good it will never be the same.
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  • ''what is your most valuable resource? Time!''
    how important time is pertaining to opportunity.
  • ''i keep it real for myself nobody else!''
    people do not have your best interest as their intention so know to know thyself and do what you do for u.
  • ''anger consumes love frees!''
    anyway u want to take it
  • ''in life you have two choices you deal with wolves or foxes know the difference both will kill you.''
    people nowadays cannot be trusted period

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The World So Cold

The world so cold
and i know
ive been lower than low
with no where to go
nowhere to sleep
i had to sleep in the street
but God always protected me
i kept him by my side
the whole time

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