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Its always hard to start talking about yourself, but in the midst of your life you find yourself wanting to know what makes you tick. What things about your personality do people truly see and how does that effect the world around us. Every man and woman who walks upon the ground we live on knows that every choice within our lives has a price, and an outcome.

I was born and raised within a small logging town in Alberta Canada, and thinking about my past I see things differently as an adult than I did as a child. I seen things harshly, like the world had teeth designed to rip holes in my perception of reality. Though yet I had the guidance of special people around me who had braved the waters of life and lived to pass on their knowledge. For that I am eternally grateful to those who melded me into who I am, without them I would have been someone I don’t think I would have liked.

With good experiences and bad, I still think that if I had not endured the life I did growing up I wouldn’t be the person I am today. In light of that, I try…..

As my grandfather once told me “Stop waiting for a Hero to save you from life and do something that others wouldn’t. Stand up for who you are! ” He told me this one day as we sat within his garage working on the family car. I was angry about how things were going with life, love, career and everything that stumbled me. I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, but over the years I see now what he meant.

“Just Try”…..

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One Wish

If I had just one wish what should it be?
a time with god spend in reverie?
Or the time when I played my first heart string?
with someone's lips to mine to bring?

Everyone has a wish that they all want granted
Albeit those wishes are made with feelings
Love, hate, fear, self loathing take control

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