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Biography of Jason Summers

I was raised in Gold Hill, OR with two younger brothers, Brian and Sonny. Growing up with my aunt and three uncles I gained a good work ethic in the wood industry. My grandfather had his own wood hauling business and ever since I could swing an ax I was helping him. I have 3 beautiful children, Dakota, Sierra, and Shasta.  I have been writing since I was 13 and have written over 200 unpublished poems. It has been just a hobby that I am very proud of. I have written for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, birthdays, holidays, and many other occasions. I can usually write about anything I set my mind to and once I get an idea my hand flows across the page. I know that when people write it is often a part of them and I can sometimes sympathize with what other people are going through without having to experience it myself. I have one published poem that I submitted into a poetry contest, but unfortunately I had to buy the book in order to see it in print. Poetry has only been a hobby for me but I love to hear criticism from anyone who will read and/or listen. I like to write by telling a story that most of the time everyone can relate to. My signature style that I stand by is that I create a title first before I begin my poem.

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No currently published books.

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A Second Chance

I decided to go to a party with friends I've known for years
And the first thing I noticed was a tub full of beers.
I grew up believing I could hold my own with a few
But a few became too many as the length of the party drew.
I began to stumble and check out women up and down
I finally got the hint that my friends didn't want me around.
Making my way to the door I heard, 'please, give me your keys.'
I turned and said, 'don't bother, ' as I dropped to my knees.
A pain in my stomach made

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