Jayesh San

Jayesh San Poems

1. In A Cold Winter Morning 11/28/2007
2. A Virtual Bird 3/28/2008
3. A Virgin Fish 4/8/2008
4. A Life To Be... 7/24/2008
5. At Night 9/22/2008
6. Coffee Shop @ 6 Pm 3/16/2009
7. A Bridge 3/21/2009
8. A Street At Night When All The Lights Are Off 3/24/2009
9. Less Than Something 4/28/2009
10. A Tree For A Cord 5/20/2009
11. A Letter To Sarah 6/1/2009
12. Rules Are For Men 6/9/2009
13. Dreamers And Visitors 7/13/2009
14. Someone Turns The Pages Of My Soul 10/6/2009
15. Happiest Man 2/5/2010
16. Who Theft My Nightmares? 7/6/2010
17. Day Of Love 2/4/2012
18. Diabolo 6/15/2012
19. Water 4/17/2009
20. A Lazy Beast 4/25/2009
21. Somebody Searching For Someone 4/4/2009
Best Poem of Jayesh San

Somebody Searching For Someone

As the day is not
Locked up
In fear of
Not being back,
I never held you
For any reason

In the evenings
And the nights in the city
I was not searching
For a lost one

What can a kitten do
Other than coming back to home?

As the gate never closes
In the fear of
The night rolling back

Like a movie stuck
Between the stories
Life is waiting
For somebody
To complete the remaining movie

A dog swishes its tail
To say that
He is not bothered
About somebody who
Never returns

Still, ...

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A Virtual Bird

A virtual Bird

After the rain when I come out of my home.
I saw a bird sitting on the roof,
Waiting for the sky to be blue,
Let the clouds wind up,
And arrange the wet feathers to fly.
But there was no such bird on the roof...!

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