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Jaymie Lanera Poems

1. Take A Chance 2/26/2007
2. To You, My Last Words 2/26/2007
3. Comforting Thoughts 2/26/2007
4. Jealousy 2/26/2007
5. The Perfect Shade Of Green 2/26/2007
6. Why Do You Hide? 2/26/2007
7. Our Journey 2/27/2007
8. Be The Truth 5/25/2007
9. Our Evolution 5/25/2007
10. There's Nothing I Can Do 5/25/2007
11. Blind-Sided Turn 5/25/2007
12. The Edge 6/5/2007
13. Get It Right From Here 6/7/2007
14. It Would Have Been Nice 6/7/2007
15. How Can I? 6/7/2007
16. If The Answer Is Yes... 6/7/2007
17. Tu Me Manques 6/7/2007
18. That Familiar Feeling Again 8/5/2007
19. God Will Lead You 9/29/2008
20. Love And Sky 9/29/2008
21. No Matter What, I Know 9/29/2008
22. When You Thought I Wasn'T Looking 9/29/2008
23. Let's Not Say Good-Bye 6/7/2007
24. You Never Changed 5/25/2007
25. Today 2/26/2007
26. I'Ll Never Forget 6/7/2007
27. Which Way Are We Going? 9/29/2008

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Best Poem of Jaymie Lanera

Which Way Are We Going?

You appear in my thoughts.
You appear in my dreams.
I always open my heart to you,
But it's not always what it seems.

You've hurt me and desert me
When all I've wanted is your love.
Yet you kept reappearing in me,
Like someone's directions us from up above.

You're in and out of my life
and I always wonder why.
There has to be a reason
for this reoccurring 'thing' between you and I.

But now the smiles fade and
Behind every kiss there is a grain of salt.

How am I to know if it's real
when every other time was a shoot and miss? ...

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Take A Chance

The wall I built was as strong as a bull,
it was my security blanket against pain.
It was made from the light at the end of the tunnel,
which was always the headlight of an oncoming train.

But sometimes the heart acts on its own,
without considering the mind.
When we're not looking, and happily alone,
it's then that we get what we didnt ask to find.

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