Jayne Downing

Rookie (1st May 1965 / West Midlands)

Biography of Jayne Downing

I was born in the Midlands and have ALWAYS enjoyed writing. The first poem I can remember writing was at the age of seven, about a mouse on the kitchen floor - 'playing on squares red and yellow'.....
'then he went back to his den, and stayed there as quiet as a hen'! ! ! ! ! That's all I can remember - I have since learned that hens are NOT quiet and that there are other words that rhyme with 'den'!
I moved to Cornwall at the age of 18 and married (disasterously) at the age of 19, but I stuck it out for 14 years - mad or what! ! The two good things from the marriage are my daughters who light up my life on a daily basis making me laugh all the time - and cry with pride.
I went back to 'school' in 2005 and have now finished my English Lit degree. I would LOVE to do a Masters, but it costs too much.
I find making time to write very difficult, it's so frustrating, I have SO many bits of paper with about three lines of poetry scribbled hastily down at Tesco, or at the traffic lights on the way to work.
Oh yes, work, as well as being a carer for my ninety year old Gran, I'm also a violin/trumpet teacher - so as you can see, time really is an issue.

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The map of years woven across your face
Tells of the journeys you took without me
But all paths pull me back to your eyes,
Intense and blue as ever
Vivid pools of earlier days draw me in
Calling me to the times we shared before.
And the look I never quite understood,
The searching, reaching out that jarred against innocent eyes
Saying things words could never repeat

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