Jc. Verro Biography

Hey my name is Joseph Christopher Verro. All my friends call me Jc or Jay. My poetry club friends call me fallenangel. I am a 16 year old high school student. Writing poems is my addiction i am all ways writing a little something no matter what i am doing.
I also write songs (sorry cant put any of those on here if u want to hear some tell me and ill get a a demo cd) . I amd going to culinary collage. I am trainging to become a marine. Ummmm..... to all you people who judge me befor you actually meet me i got 2 words for you IM SORRY.I go to Paulding County High. I am in the JROTC program there.

I have resently been yanked out of a relationship and it tore my heart form my chest.But know i have met someone and i think she is a right choice.Even though she lives over a thousand miles away i could still work with that relation ship

Jc. Verro Popular Poems
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