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Je'free Y . poet

Je'free is a poet, an artist, and a visionary
who is passionate in inspiring readers
to become better people via poetry.

Youtube Channel: JefreeJefree

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1st: Je'free Poem Selections (1995-2006)
2nd: The Sophomore Collection (July-Dec 2006)
3rd: 3rd-Dimensional (Jan-Mar 2007)
4th: 4K: Four of a Kind (Apr-Aug 2007)
5th: 5th Element (Aug-Dec 2007)
6th: Connexion-6 (Jan-July 2008)
7th: 7th Gig! (Aug-Nov 2008)
Greatest Hits 1: Je'free Poetry Essentials (1995-2009)
8th: Unreleased Poems Restored (1995-2009)
9th: Stardom: A Story In Poems (Dec 2009)
10th: Year 2010: The 10th Booklet (Apr 2010)
11th: Virtues (June 2010)
12th: Poetic Episodes (Aug 2010)
13th: Good Read (Nov 2010)
Greatest Hits 2: DIG IT! : Je'free Poetry Selections 1995-2010 (2011) Updates

University Of Life

We are the undergraduates of everyday,
From the first morning yawn
To the time we merge the freeway;
From the moment we harvest a lesson
Like a daffodil that waits to be picked
To the last lullaby we sing to our dog
Needing recharged energy the next day.

We are the scholars experimenting,

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