Jean Baptiste Bernadotte

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte Quotes

  • ''A Republican by principle and devotion, I will, until my death, oppose all Royalists ... and all enemies of my Government and the Republic.''
    Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (1763-1844), French general, later King of Sweden. letter, Sept. 1797, to the French Directory. Thirteen years later he was invited to lead the Swedish government, later becoming Charles XIV (1818-1844) of Sweden and Norway, enemy of Napoleon (in whose defeat at Leipzig he took part in 1813), and founder of the present Swedish royal house.
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  • ''Napoleon has not been conquered by men. He was greater than any of us. God punished him because he relied solely on his own intelligence until that incredible instrument was so strained that it broke.''
    Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (1763-1844), French general, king of Sweden (1818-1844). Speech, 1821, on hearing of the death of Napoleon, his former commander.

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