Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Jean-Bertrand Aristide Quotes

  • ''The egg is back. The egg is back.''
    Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitian president. New York Times, p. 10A (September 6, 1994). Chant outside the Haitian palace in Port-au-Prince, before the return of exiled president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and in response to the Haitian saying: "When a chicken lays an egg, you cannot put it back."
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  • ''We shall prepare the coffee of reconciliation through the filter of justice. Through reconciliation, streams of tears will come to our eyes.''
    Jean-Bertrand Aristide (b. 1953), Haitian president. New York Times, p. 17A (October 5, 1994). Spoken in exile, before being returned to his office by American troops, October 5, 1994.

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