Jean Dament

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Biography of Jean Dament

I have only been writing poetry since 2004. After a bout with cancer I was inspired to pen my thoughts & feelings; which turned into my first worthy poem called 'Out of Darkness'. It was published by Noble House in 'Centres of Expression'-2008. I have continued to enjoy writing poetry since.
I have always loved reading other people's works of art; & never imagined myself creating some poetry of my own.
I also use Spiritsong as my poetic name.
I like to be called Jeannie by my friends. Updates

Out Of Darkness

A cry sounds out, only into silence;
As one wonders, is it the falling of insanity?
When no one comprehends the pain,
Alone it echoes off it'self-displaced & lost to the world,
An endeavor to construe life's work; left as on a shelf unused,
A cry lies waiting to be heard, but not,
Thus it leaves it's mark confiscated once again,
Alone, not quite, for Out of the Darkness shines a light,
A sign of hope beams through;

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