Jean Eugene Guan

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Jean Eugene Guan Quotes

  • ''Life moves you forward, not backward. Therefore, make most of the time you've got - live, love, and learn. So that at the end of your journey, you can look back without regrets, and rest peacefully with satisfaction.''
    life, inspiration
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  • ''Change is everywhere. It is inevitable, so we have to live with it. Without change, there is no progress, no growth, no possibilities. Change makes us limitless. If there's one thing we can't change, it's change.''
    change, life
  • ''Controversy ignites interest. Do the unconventional. Shock the world. Then everybody would listen. Everybody would talk. That has been the trend ever since.''
    controversy, scandal
  • ''God will remove our comfort and the things that He deems harmful to us. Like a child, He guides us and watches us closely, ensuring our safety.''
    challenges, guidance, divine revelation
  • ''Charles Darwin postulated that men have come from apes. Well, I don't believe it is true! There are some whose brain seem to be a crustacean's and perhaps others a more inorganic matter - air.

    A well-traveled and educated man does not necessarily mean a man with fine character and manners. Some are all hat and no cattle, and just plain overbearing.''
  • ''The more I think, the less I become.''
    reflection, wisdom
  • ''Genuineness is a rarity these days. You will no longer find it in most people.''
    genuineness, uniqueness, personality
  • ''Villains have been victims, themselves, sometime in the past. It is just a matter of perspective which side are you on.''
    bullying, conscience
  • ''Life is a constant struggle. In surviving, we struggle. In existing, we struggle. We struggle to achieve our ideals. We struggle to make ends meet. We struggle to have a common point of view, to stand on a common ground. This struggle is ancient, and this makes us human.''
    life, struggles, survival, existence
  • ''Sorrow can be the fuel for change and the urge for revolution.''
    change, sorrow, revolution

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Best Poem of Jean Eugene Guan

A Paradox

I am alive but not living
I can breathe yet feel restrained
I have hope and still unbelieving
This seems the end, and it's too late

I laugh when I am crying
I dance for I feel the pain
See the sunlight while it's raining
And my dreams flow down the drain

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I was losing my breath,
My heart beating out of frame.
I did not know what is happening.
Another called your name.
I did not know it is impending.
So naïve of what is going on.
He took your hand, caressed you.
You left me all alone.

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