Jean Eugene Guan

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Jean Eugene Guan Quotes

  • ''Happiness is the sunset, and life is just a breath. Love is forever and is beyond death.''
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  • ''Love until it hurts because that's the only way you know it's real.''
  • ''I am a tad offended by people who thinks that singleness is pure bliss. Not everyone can splurge or travel, and revel in unfazed freedom. Some have taken the burden on their backs to support their families and toil relentlessly for 'salvation'. If married life is what it is now, I am mortified.''
    marriage, relationships, singlehood
  • ''There are times when people just snap and break from all the pressure. You are not invincible. Even Superman has his weakness.''
    weakness, humanity, pressure, life
  • ''There are things that are bound to happen. Things that will scare us, haunt us and challenge us. These things might come in different ways, in different shapes and sizes. No matter how humongous. No matter how perplexing. It is how we face it that matters.''
    life, challenges, difficulties
  • ''You see with your mind. You see what you choose to see. What you perceive may be another's fantasy. What might behold is not the reality, just simply imaginary.''
    perception, life
  • ''Time spent is time lost. Where do you spend most of it?''
    time, life, priorities
  • ''In the immense vastness of this universe, YOU are just a very, very, very tiny speck. More so, an insignificant form of matter just like everything and everyone else around you.

    So do not act like the world revolves around you, and do not think that you are somewhat a superior form. Eventually, you will be just a part of the natural cycle of decay. A simple reminder: You are not the center of the universe.''
  • ''The test you think are for others could be just your own.''
    challenges, life, tests
  • ''Acceptance of what is true, anyway, is subjective, so each to his or her own. This is a free world, I might say, so stop complaining! Some people would be for you while others will be against you. It's their freedom to choose. Don't expect that everyone will join with you. Case closed.''
    perception, acceptance, individuality, belief, principles

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Best Poem of Jean Eugene Guan

A Paradox

I am alive but not living
I can breathe yet feel restrained
I have hope and still unbelieving
This seems the end, and it's too late

I laugh when I am crying
I dance for I feel the pain
See the sunlight while it's raining
And my dreams flow down the drain

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It's Hard To Let You Go

I felt the pain,
When you went out my door.
It’s hard to face the fact,
That I can’t see you anymore.
I felt the world is crushing on me.
Feel that I can’t face it again.
Without you by my side,
To stop this rain.
I feel like dying,

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