Jean Eugene Guan

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Jean Eugene Guan Quotes

  • ''It is always the same: warring nations, races, people, but to cure racism we have to remedy ignorance. Racists are ignorant and are blinded by the delusion that their stock is superior. It is bullying in a massive scale. This is something that has to be changed. And let us not pass on the responsibility and the burden to our leaders, we can make a difference in our own way.''
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  • ''A man of faith is a man of vision.''
    faith, vision
  • ''Knowledge is a commodity.''
    knowledge, business
  • ''There is evil in all of us, potentially capable of doing harm and chaos. However, it is a choice to let the ' strong man ' get a hold of you. Evidently, evil is among us.''
    evil, life, choices
  • ''The past is an old friend who drops by, sometimes, to make you feel miserable.''
    yesterday, misery, nostalgia, history
  • ''Be civil and hold my tongue, I decided. Obviously, your petty game of power is on display. Your pride and predictable inclination towards self-glorification are unbearable to perceive. And that alone says I should not proceed with a mistake. I am no bull, and I saw you spat poison. Oh, you are delusional!''
    arrogance, patience
  • ''The law obliges but grace inspires. The old covenant ends with a curse, the new one everlasting peace, and life. LOVE is the greatest because LOVE is the reason that He who is eternal became temporal and be one as though made. If you want to know true love, look at the CROSS. It all began from Him.''
    love, grace, God
  • ''A bunch of grasshoppers told me that it is unusual for a man to carry an umbrella in his bag. They did not know I was just getting ready for the rainy days.''
    Preparedness, readiness, preparation
  • ''My shape does not fit your mold.''
    resistance, disapproval
  • ''It could be a great shock when someone so young dies so unexpectedly. We forget though that death is part of life. No matter when or how it will surely come.''
    Death, youth, life

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Best Poem of Jean Eugene Guan

A Paradox

I am alive but not living
I can breathe yet feel restrained
I have hope and still unbelieving
This seems the end, and it's too late

I laugh when I am crying
I dance for I feel the pain
See the sunlight while it's raining
And my dreams flow down the drain

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The Man In A Mask

I'm just a man,
Wearing a mask.
Behind this smiles,
Behind the laughter,
Is a lonely soul.
A soul that suffers
Pain and distress.
That keeps driving me,
Lower near to madness.

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