Jean François Lamothe

Rookie (Montreal, Canada)

Biography of Jean François Lamothe

A casual writer since the age of 14, I have not writen anything that has gotten published. I write for the joy of writing.

I have writen short stories, I've attempted to write novels, but have never made it past 25,000 words on any of them. I've writen some lyrics when I used to play in a heavy metal band back in my high school days. Poems have been few and far between, but I do enjoy writing them.

I have lived in Canada my whole life, but I have lived my country, having lived in 7 provinces. I have to say that my favourite time has been living in the middle of the mountains in British Columbia for two years.

I now reside where I grew up as a teenager, Prince Edward Island. Updates

Angel Of Apathy

Don`t confront me, I fear you not,
Don`t embrace me, I feel you not,
If you leave me, I will forget you,
If you love me, I will abandon you.

I may be an angel sent from up above,
But I do not have a heart filled with love,
Forgive me if you really want to,
Forgetting me is something you have to.

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