Jean Kennedy

Rookie (11/16/88 / California)

Biography of Jean Kennedy

My name is Jean Kennedy. i am 18 years old. iahve been writing poems for the last couple of years.when i was 13 years old i started having problems with my emotional state of mind.not long after i started 8th grade my middle brother ran away due to drugs and sex. he was the one i always looked up to. he ran away really close to my 13 birthday which i was really looking forward to. from that time on i had a hugr distrust for people and had a hard tome making friends becuse i felt i couldnt trust them.i strted messin around with pills and alcohol. i was arrested close to the end of my 8th grade year. not long after that i found out i had serious depression that was affecting my social and academic parents homeschooled me for 9th grade and thats when we found out that my Dad had cance in the asophhiist so we went through that together. we thought he was better but found out that he had a brain tumer then he had lung cancer after that we thought he was all better but he started getting sick again and we found out he had terminal cancer. all throughout this i took care of him when my mom couldnt handle it and i since i was homescholed most of the time i took him to his treatments and docter appointments. my dad dies on june 3,2006 at 2 in the morning. since then i have been trying to get my life bach together and have fallen deeper into depression. Updates

Message In A Bottle

time goes by people change
what are we sposed to do
people come and go
can you trust in time

why is it everyones afraid
to say what they feel and think
can you tell me the truth
or just walk all over me

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