Jean Marie Ruiz

Rookie (California)

Biography of Jean Marie Ruiz

Jean Marie Ruiz is a native of Los Angeles, California who lives in Western Massachusetts, where she coordinates the annual WriteAngles conference by and for writers. She holds an MFA in English (Fiction) from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She thanks Kate Braverman, the late Les Plesko, and fellow members of their writing workshops for their support and inspiration.

Jean Marie Ruiz's Works:

Love's Shadow: Writings by Women, edited by Amber Coverdale Sumrall, The Crossing Press,1993. Updates

Runyon Canyon

I am on a pilgrimage
to the waterless pool
where Errol Flynn swam.
Under an avocado moon
pearl-skinned women
soothed their wounds
with quick licks of the tongue.

They learned to speak French

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