jeanette thompson

Rookie (02-24-1980 / emporia va)

Biography of jeanette thompson

I am a young women who has struggled for the past 11 years of my life.Trying to find out who i really am.Dealing with the death of my mom, the lot of my kids, and the fight with my drug addiction.Wanting to be accepted by the wrong individuals cost me everything except my faith. I am a survivor Updates

Imagine That

Every closed eye ain't sleep, Every open eye ain't woke.Being taught the right way still doesn't matter simply because life is just a joke.
Learning to crawl before one walks
Struggling in order to succeed
Trying to fit in is alot easier than deciding if you were born to follow or lead
When others stare at me I often wonder what do they see
Realizing I still have dreams bigger than the average eye can see
Too many questions, anticipating but at the same time dreading what the answer will b

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