jeanne harmon Poems

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Oh, How I Love The Internet

Oh, this is taking way too long
I think the sign that says it’s done is wrong
The refresh button isn’t working
And I think that the hammer in the garage may work

Tick Tock

People run past the flowers
With coffee in their hands they drink for hours
Their light is dimming away
Their rushing around struggling to fight it

Teddy Bear

Smile on its broken face sticks forever
Child’s laughter echoes in its ear forever and here after
Dust settles around it like a chalk outline
Still it never seems to whine

This House Is Not A Home

This house is not a home
This is not the home that I’ve always known
My favorite picture frame with mom in it now lies in pieces on the floor
I just don’t live here anymore

Little Billy

Little Billy did not go to school today
His parents do not know what to say
The world crashed beneath him they say
He seemed to keep all his feelings away

Caged Bird

Look at the caged bird as it sings its melancholy tune.
Sad, isn’t?
Look at that other birds flying higher toward sky
The caged bird always wished to go up that high

Sunny Days

Sunny days
Where are those sunny days?
When will I see some purpose?
Where are those happy smiles that I so miss?

I Turn To You

When I don’t know where go
And my heart is weary from trying
I turn to you
It seems that you make all my dreams seem true

Open Your Eyes

Diamonds never seem to last
It all happens so very fast
Nothing ever stays the same
And when we think of all the things we didn’t do we have ourselves to blame

I'M Here To Decree

I’m here to decree
That I have dreamed a dream of mixed reality
I’ve climbed the highest mountain
I’ve seen things that I thought my eyes would never behold