Jeff Fleischer

Rookie - 15 Points (10/10/69 / Louisville, Kentucky)

Jeff Fleischer Poems

81. There Was... 11/14/2010
82. I Thought That This Was The End 12/2/2010
83. I'M Doing Things The Old-Fashioned Way 3/21/2007
84. I Need To Be Wild And Free 3/21/2007
85. Did You See Her On The Bus Or On The Train? 1/2/2008
86. I Loved Her But She Suddenly Went Away 3/21/2007
87. You Left Me Time After Time 8/15/2007
88. I Hope You Feel The Same Way I Do 1/18/2008
89. I'M On A Train Bound For Nowhere 8/2/2007
90. I Made So Many Stupid Mistakes 1/4/2007
91. The Flag Bearer 1/2/2007
92. I Need You In My Life 11/7/2006
93. Our Souls Sing (The Holocaust) 9/26/2006
94. The Playground 9/27/2006
95. There Will Be Peace 8/30/2006
96. I Just Lost The Game Of Love 5/16/2007
97. Photographer, Matthew Brady, Barely Escapes With His Life At Gettysburg 9/4/2007
98. Please Don'T Hurt Me Anymore 11/3/2010
99. So Many Tears I'Ve Shed 9/27/2006
100. He Made His Teammates Better 9/27/2006
101. I Need You Here By My Side 10/19/2006
102. Why I Wear Costumes 9/20/2006
103. The Jungle 9/20/2006
104. I Never Thought I Would See The Day 8/30/2006
105. Symphony Of Nature 9/1/2006
106. The Ocean 9/1/2006
107. Harmony, Love & Trust 11/13/2006
108. I Took A Chance With You 11/20/2006
109. Why Do I Do The Things I Do? 11/20/2006
110. It Is The Reality Of The Situation 8/30/2006
111. Reflections 8/30/2006
112. The Watchtower 8/22/2006
113. When The Music Stops 8/22/2006
114. Ten Pirates Were On A Ship At Sea 5/16/2007
115. You Lied When You Said You Would Always Love Me 3/6/2007
116. Love Is The Solution 1/2/2007
117. Expect Some Love From Me 12/11/2006
118. You Let Me Down 12/14/2006
119. There Is A Spell That You'Ve Got Me Under 12/14/2006
120. I Will Never Forget You 1/4/2007
Best Poem of Jeff Fleischer

Are You Lonely Tonight?

Are you lonely tonight
Because your heart was broken?
Are you lonely tonight,
Shedding tears from all the emotion?
Please don't be shy.
Just tell me if its okay for me to dropp by.
I'll be the man you've always dreamed of.
I'll hold you close to me and show you love.
I'll help you through your pain and sorrow.
And after you wake up tomorrow,
We'll take a walk near the ocean shore.
As time goes by, I'll love you more and more.

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What Limitations?

I ask you, 'What limitations? '
There are no limitations.
No limitations of the mind.
No limitations of the soul.
No limitations of the body.
You can do anything you set your mind to.
You can use your mind to free your soul.
You can extend the body's capabilities.
A blindman's wife told him to accept his limitations.

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