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Im a simple man with a simple life style no rich silver or gold here If you need a man to provide lots of $$$ or material world stop right here I am not what you are looking for.
Honest, outspoken, romantic, funny ((friends call me a goofball)) and love adventure Listed above are some of my intrest but I am game for anything so long at it is legal and hurts no one.

I am a romantic poet writing some of the most beautiful so they say artist mostly trees, flowers, humming birds and such things.

Age, Looks, Disability, race dont matter to me must be honest and outgoing not afraid of the world or people around you

Step into the light it's a beautiful world come share a day with me and see what beauty there is to behold nothing to loose but a day of laughter everything to gain if life everlasting is to stay.

I love exploring the world and seeking new adventure the bars and drinking my life away is not on my path in life I love cuddling and holding hands Im very romantic with a high drive camping traveling chassing down new sunsets and looking for new beaches to see the sunrise I love the sea and lakes but to live next to one is hard with only one counrty drives and window shoping even the ladies section is an adventure I enjoy Im a simple man that will cry during a romantic movie

Must love Dogs / animals in general traveling, and the great outdoors

It would be nice to have a fishing partner competition is nice but not needed thanks for taking the time to read Hope to hear from you

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Jeff Slocum's Works:

I have been offered many times.
If my poetry and romantic stories are as lovely as they say.. then they can cover the $$.
I want to keep the rights for musical
they don't like that type of agreement
Don't get me wrong it's not about the money but the way they are presented to the world and who presents them I want that control.

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It Was You All Along

At the end of the day
I lay back and look into the mystical universe
In all it glory and beauty
As the world turns and sometimes the clouds drift slowly by
We see stars shooting across heavens
We see multi array of colors reflections of the sun
I close my eyes and drift away
I see a beautiful woman
One with a heart of kindness, understanding, and loving

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