Jeff Weston

Rookie (Bolton, England)

Biography of Jeff Weston

Born 1970.
Commenced writing in 1995.
Graduated - English BA(Hons) in 1999.

5 novels ( works of literature)
1 play (1998)
2 short stories (1997-1998)
1 collection of essays (1996-1999)
1 collection of poetry (2002)
1 thesis (1999)

Aim of writing:

* To edify the half-dead minds of humanity
* To reduce this dreadful speed that has cloaked the earth and its inhabitants in a wanton-like bile

Unpublished to date with the exception of a thesis in the public domain as below.

Jeff Weston's Works:

'We go forth all to seek America. And in the seeking we create her. In the quality of our search shall be the nature of the America that we create' (Waldo Frank) : an exploration of the work of Anzia Yezierska -All Saints Library, Manchester Metropolitan University. Updates

Poem 30: Monday,22.04.02

Teller of the inner whims
Reviver of lost grudges
Saviour of dim acceptance

Why do you keep
Tuesday at the gates
Why do you endure
The dreadful

By afternoon
I am fit again
Yet how many thoughts
You planted

Kernels of revolt
Swinging axes of pity
You depressed me
Yet bore the truth.

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