Jeffenise Robertson

Rookie - 30 Points (5/12/1980 / Gardena, California)

Biography of Jeffenise Robertson

Words have no power alone, but the feelings that motivate to form sentences and phrases can give healing, motivation, and comfort to the soul. I write what’s inside, I print what I perceive. My hope is that my written expressions connect with your personal experience; that your thoughts and emotions connect to what I am trying to convey.

I write to complain
I write to confront
I write to defend
I write to feel
I write to motivate
I write encourage
I write to heal
I write to release
I write because he gave me the ability
Jesus thank you for the gift

Jeffenise Robertson's Works:

Bleeding Pen Updates


Quiet Still
No movement all around other then me walking in circles in search of someone, something anything to soothe my current emotional state
So frustrated I could cry
So confused I could scream
But I will reframe because of the risk that someone would hear me
Hear me and respond with words that only intensify my feelings
Alone in a crowd, smiling and laughing, pretending to be complete
Alone is a lie that I refuse to believe. It contradicts his promises

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