Jeffenise Robertson

Rookie - 30 Points (5/12/1980 / Gardena, California)

Biography of Jeffenise Robertson

Words have no power alone, but the feelings that motivate to form sentences and phrases can give healing, motivation, and comfort to the soul. I write what’s inside, I print what I perceive. My hope is that my written expressions connect with your personal experience; that your thoughts and emotions connect to what I am trying to convey.

I write to complain
I write to confront
I write to defend
I write to feel
I write to motivate
I write encourage
I write to heal
I write to release
I write because he gave me the ability
Jesus thank you for the gift

Jeffenise Robertson's Works:

Bleeding Pen Updates

Hidden Smile

Smiling faces tell lies
Lies of happiness and contentment
I paste mines on, doodled it on a sketch pad and placed it in front of my face
Hiding my eyes that allow you to see beyond the surface
Prohibiting access to my soul
Blocking the senses that would allow anyone to notice my current state
I heard it's written all over your face, you don't have to say a word
The song says your smile for me is better then any word I ever heard
So in order to clearly convey that which is accurate I put

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