Jeffery Conway

Biography of Jeffery Conway

Originally from Southern California, Jeffery Conway has lived in New York City since 1989. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Phoebe 2002: An Essay In Verse (Turtle Point Press,2003) , a ground-breaking mock epic-a deconstruction of the film All About Eve-which Michael Cunningham calls 'The grandest oddity of recent time, a truly marvelous book, ' as well as Chain Chain Chain (Ignition Press 2000) , both written in collaboration with poets Lynn Crosbie and David Trinidad. His first full-length collection of poems is The Album That Changed My Life (Cold Calm Press,2006) , which collects poems written by Conway between the years 1990-2000 and is a kind of 'New Wave Bildungsroman' charting Conway's journey from disaffected suburban Los Angeles teen of the '80s to enlightened poet in New York s East Village of the '90s. The Album That Changed My Life is a 2007 Lambda Literary Award Finalist.

Jeffery Conway's Works:

Blood Poisoning, Cold Calm Press,1995; Plush, Selected Poems, Coach House Press,1995; Chain Chain Chain, Ignition Press,2000; Phoebe 2002: An Essay in Verse, Turtle Point Press,2003; The Album That Changed My Life, Cold Calm Press,2006 Updates


Although I was drunk,
I saw her apartment had
a homey decor.

This made it easy
to relax when our party
came ashore on her bed.

She preached against TV,