Jeffery Conway

Biography of Jeffery Conway

Originally from Southern California, Jeffery Conway has lived in New York City since 1989. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Phoebe 2002: An Essay In Verse (Turtle Point Press,2003) , a ground-breaking mock epic-a deconstruction of the film All About Eve-which Michael Cunningham calls 'The grandest oddity of recent time, a truly marvelous book, ' as well as Chain Chain Chain (Ignition Press 2000) , both written in collaboration with poets Lynn Crosbie and David Trinidad. His first full-length collection of poems is The Album That Changed My Life (Cold Calm Press,2006) , which collects poems written by Conway between the years 1990-2000 and is a kind of 'New Wave Bildungsroman' charting Conway's journey from disaffected suburban Los Angeles teen of the '80s to enlightened poet in New York s East Village of the '90s. The Album That Changed My Life is a 2007 Lambda Literary Award Finalist.

Jeffery Conway's Works:

Blood Poisoning, Cold Calm Press,1995; Plush, Selected Poems, Coach House Press,1995; Chain Chain Chain, Ignition Press,2000; Phoebe 2002: An Essay in Verse, Turtle Point Press,2003; The Album That Changed My Life, Cold Calm Press,2006 Updates

To An Angel

The first time we meet
in New York City
it will be snowing.
No one will stop
to take a picture
of us as we stand
inches apart and shake
hands on a busy street
corner. Taxicabs

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