Jeffrey Cotnoir

Rookie (12-20-1987 / Enfield CT)

Biography of Jeffrey Cotnoir

I have been writing poetry for quite a while. Although no one knows about it because I have to keep my image of being the huge guy that no one goes near. I mean I'm 6' 1' 215 lbs.7% body fat. Now does that sound like someone that should write poetry. Didn't think so. But it does suck, because no one knows the real me. Updates

If Only...

I am depressed
I feel so lonely
The only one that can save me
Doesn’t even know I care
Some days the pain is too much
I can’t to live without her
She is my everything, my all, my world
I wish I told her how I felt
Maybe she’d be mine
It’s all over, it became too much
Life is gone, breathing has ceased
If only…

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