Jeffrey Cotnoir

Rookie (12-20-1987 / Enfield CT)

Biography of Jeffrey Cotnoir

I have been writing poetry for quite a while. Although no one knows about it because I have to keep my image of being the huge guy that no one goes near. I mean I'm 6' 1' 215 lbs.7% body fat. Now does that sound like someone that should write poetry. Didn't think so. But it does suck, because no one knows the real me. Updates

Love Cliché

Love is a cliché
They write, they sing, they speak
But you cannot explain it
It’s becoming more a word than a feeling
You can talk for hours on end with someone you love
But true love is when nothing needs to be said
Just one look, one touch, one kiss says it all
A feeling inside that no one can touch
Stop trying to explain, just let love be.

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