Jeline Loh

Rookie (6 September 1986)

Biography of Jeline Loh

Jeline Loh Jen-Li is an artistic writer. She writes creatively in a world of realism. Her imagination is beyond the limit and has no boundaries. She lives her life based on her passion for life and definitely a passion for Christ. She loves travelling and discovering new adventures. She is a counselor by nature and she touches the lives of those around her with a heart of gold. Her quote to live in 'Life is filled with rainbows if you decided you are at the end of your rainbow! '

Jeline Loh's Works:

A book yet seen Updates

A Hectic Day

Work is inevitable
Work is accumulative
Work is strenuous
Work is living

A good work represents a good life
A well lived life is a balance
A balance between work & play
Is a life worth living!

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