Jemima Rivas

Jemima Rivas Poems

1. Ant 7/26/2013
2. This Is Why 7/26/2013
3. Good Morning 7/26/2013
4. The Nightmare 7/27/2013
5. When He Ask You The Question 7/27/2013
6. The Weird Question 7/27/2013
7. Shy Agony 1/10/2014
8. Shy Agony (By Me) 1/10/2014
9. Coy The Woman 4/23/2015
10. My Heart Belongs To All Of You 4/26/2015
11. Snacks 8/1/2013
12. Fate 7/26/2013
13. The Wretch 7/27/2013
14. Hidden Intentions 7/26/2013
15. I Have More To Live For 8/5/2013
16. Contemplation Upon Advice (Taken To The Extreme) 7/30/2013
17. South 8/1/2013
18. Reflecting 7/30/2013
19. Kindness 3/22/2014
20. Unhealthy Relations 4/24/2016
21. Only Sad People Write Poetry 5/19/2016
22. This Toy Is Broken 2/26/2014
23. Knock 8/12/2013
24. Happy Times 8/12/2013
25. Fireworks 8/1/2013

Comments about Jemima Rivas

  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 5:30:00 PM)

    Upbeat and positive. Almost like it could be part of a song.

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  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 4:20:00 PM)

    Possibly written about a near death experience? Well written. Keep your faith

  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 4:10:00 PM)

    Confident and defiant. Always stand up for you and your own. Never be stamped down by those who believe they have bigger feet.

  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 4:07:00 PM)

    A school love poem. You are clearly happy about your school relationship and it sounded like you really enjoyed it

  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 3:41:00 PM)

    Very well written. I really like this one. Keep up the fantastic work

  • Aries Profanisaurus Aries Profanisaurus (2/26/2014 3:37:00 PM)

    I like this one. Have never really focused on flowers even though they are beautiful. I did enjoy reading this

Best Poem of Jemima Rivas


In the gloominess of night
Hearts shivered continuously
Like magnets they pulled together quickly
In a car park filled of cars
Where drizzled waters had left remnants
Plastered across the shining windscreens
One was the lighter
The other was the bum
Then together they made a colorful night
By creating fireworks
They made such strange noises
That attracted nearby passerby’s....
But fireworks never last forever it’s a sadly costly joy....
For another day I saw her on the spot
Didn't realize at first I was thinking a lot
“Hi doll sup”
I ...

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This Is Why

This is why
This is why I am this way
You look at me and say
What a shame look how he has sank
It hurts this is why I cry
I remember you well scoffing at my pain
This is why
I will stamp on my past
Step on my edge

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