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I was born and have spent most of my life in Charlotte, NC. I am 29 years old, I have beautiful 3 1/2 year old son named Nicholas, he is my pride, my strength, and my reason for being alive today. I recently got married, and not quite sure what to say about that yet... need a little time to figure out how marriage is supposed to go.
I am new to writing any of my poetry online, this was the first site I came across and it had great reviews. I have been writing for at least nine or ten years, but I am still an amature. My friends told me I should share my writings with other people..... I thought it wasn't a bad idea. I could use some feedback by people that do not know me, and do not have to tell to my face if it sucks, or if it's good! ! Any comments, or critizism would be greatly appreciated! !
...Jen, Jennifer, or Just Me! ! !

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Never wrote any, but I have read a lot! :) Updates

Enjoying The Pain

Enjoying the pain caused on yourself, the hurt just continues to help.
Use all of your weakest strength, try to only go a certain length.
See the blood dripping down, hate to see your hurtless frown.
You can fight it extremely hard, but you can't help that you start.
You try to keep control over yourself, but at this point you're way past help.
One or two just isn't enough, three, four you start to feel tough, five, six it feels too good, seven, eight you will see the blood, nine, ten you s

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