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My name is jen I started writing poetry when I was young. I love all kinds of poems. On bright sunny days I like to sit down and write poetry. I really don't go to far in depth with my poems because some come from the heart while others I write for fun Updates

Tears Are Falling

Tears are falling from my eyes,
as I sit and cry at night. Blood is dripping from my heart as I try to write, I have so much pain, I'm just falling apart, I can't explain all this, I'm hurting a lot. I don't know where to start and I don't know where to end. Love hurts so much like a thousand stabbing knives, especially when you have all this pain you wish you can deny, I'm so sore right now, my heart is racing fast, you told me love is happy, but now I'm sitting here with all this pain. I don

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