Jenay Brown

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Jenay Brown Quotes

  • ''When a guy say 'nice shirt'
    They aren't really, talking about your shirt''
    The inside of guys mind
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  • ''Never forget someone that means the world to you''
    For someone I lost but I still love

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Calling you a bitch is just to hateful
And it's not who I am
Calling you my bestie would just be a lie
And I don't lie I tell the truth
Calling you dumb and stupid is what
Might put you in the same position as me
But calling you a Barbie is perfect.
When I cal you a Barbie you automatically think of yourself as this skinny, pretty, face full of makeup, rich girl.
While I think of you as someone fake, unrealistic, plastic, and just not qualified to be on this earth because all your doing

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