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Jenie P. Josol Language Acquisition
Ab- English 3rd year Prof.Catherine Roble

Reaction Paper

In our age of globalization, it is commonplace to state that English is the unrivaled lingua franca of the world. I find the article very interesting. After I’ve read it, some questions were formed in my mind. What then would be better to use in learning the English language effectively? Based on the article, one teacher stated that using the native language of the students in learning English would be of great help. However, as I still remember, one of my teachers said that to learn the second language effectively, one should use it constantly especially inside the classroom. She encourages us to speak English as possible as we could. And in the classroom, English should be the medium in discussing the topic. Maybe we should consider the case of the Spanish since most of their schools are not using English as their medium in teaching and learning not like here in our country, from kinder to college we were taught to speak English. It is not hard for us to understand the verbal stimuli given by our teacher since we are used to it, though we are a non-native speaker of English language.
Though sometimes we find it hard to express our ideas, but I guess it doesn’t mean that we are dull maybe we just have what we called affective filter. Specifically if we are a shy person, it’s really difficult to share our insights because we are afraid of being ridiculed.
On the other hand, teachers have their points in using the Spanish instead of English in giving difficult instruction. Maybe in this way, the students would learn the language effectively and easily.
Moreover, I would like to point out that this article is of great help in the field of language acquisition. This would serve as a contrastive study or analysis in second language learning.

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