Jenn Yarborough

Rookie (12-29-82 / Anchorage, AK)

Biography of Jenn Yarborough

My name is Jennifer Yarborough. My mother is Melissa Lagasse and my Father is Robert Lagasse Jr. My Husband is Joseph Yarborough Sr. I have a son Joseph Jr. and a daughter Naomi. I love art of all types; painting, sculpting, photograpy, Story writing, Poetry, Drawing, Kniting, crafting, etc. My dream is to become a painter - semi famous - enough to make a living at it, I'd also be ok with being a poet. My goals for the upcoming year include creating one masterpiece Painting and one Poem every month. Also I will attempt to sell My Paintings continually. I intend to submit my Poems to in attempt to win the 1000 dollar monthly giveaway.....

Jenn Yarborough's Works:

I do not have any published books but I intend to collect all the poems I have written over the years and compile them, edit them and attempt to have them published sometime in the next 5 years Updates

My Poceline Doll

My baby boy
so sweet and inocently like daddy
the cutest baby in all the world
your life is so short
and you live with such enthisiasm
but you are breakable
so please be careful as you play
eat right so you grow strong
and I pray you will be healed

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