Jennie Radley

Rookie (23.06.1934 / Liverpool)

Biography of Jennie Radley

Spent most of my working years educating young children - still think it is a very rewarding job, in spite of governments' attempts to put education and educators into a strait jacket of tests and tables.
Other loves - my family (one daughter, four grandchildren) : my cat (even older than me in cat-years!) : theatre(as audience, also amateur acting, writing for, directing) : music (most kinds) : reading(hooked on murder mysteries, detest romances) : writing; and local U3A activities - including editing magazine. Earlier penchant for foreign travel now succumbing to age, income and environmental concerns -but I have visited all the continents, including Antarctica, so I have some wonderful memories - and videos! Updates


Why don’t I believe in God? Oh, heck; what a question.
Trying to form an answer gives me mental indigestion.
If you really press me, when push has turned to shove,
I think what really balks me, is “God’s Infinite Love”.

Whether you call It Allah, Shiva, Jehova or just God,
It seems to me Its way of showing Love’s extremely odd.
This love is not a parent’s love, that struggles to protect
The innocent and helpless from suffering and neglect.

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