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Butterfly Wishes

Butterfly, flutterby
Come to me
Take me to Mexico
On your delicate wing.

Butterfly, flutterby
It is early fall
I want to escape from here
To you I call.

Butterfly, flutterby
Be with me tonight
I’ll be ready in a minute
Ready for take-off; ready for flight.

Butterfly, flutterby
How gorgeous your face
Yellow, black, stained-glass wings
I see your mysterious smile and dainty grace.

Butterfly, flutterby
I’m waiting; I’ll stay
Please don’t forget me
But look! Now you’re going, going, gone, ...

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With everything a mystery
A tide of emotion crashing on me
Confusing waves urging toward the sea
With a gentle tune; a lullaby
A teardropp and a smile goodbye
But you will never see me cry
No, I hide it well.

Raindrops falling from the sky

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