Jennifer Alejandra

Jennifer Alejandra Poems

41. My Old Self, Just Disappeared 9/21/2011
42. What You Do To Make Me Stay 10/8/2011
43. If I Told You I Loved You, Would You Still Believe İT's True 10/9/2011
44. Suicide 10/10/2011
45. I Want Her Back 10/10/2011
46. I'Ll Love You No Matter What 10/10/2011
47. My Poems 10/10/2011
48. Sometimes 10/9/2011
49. Trust 10/24/2011
50. Broken 10/24/2011
51. Come Sweet Love 10/28/2011
52. How Much Do You Love Me? 10/28/2011
53. I Miss You 8/7/2011
54. What Kind Of Mother Are You 10/29/2011
55. She's Not The One For You 10/29/2011
56. Your Heart Will Break 11/14/2011
57. My Prince Charming 11/22/2011
58. The First Day We Met 11/23/2011
59. The Day 12/30/2011
60. Falling In Love 3/30/2012
61. When Your Close 3/30/2012
62. You'Ll Be The One To Blame 6/19/2012
63. It's Raining, It's Pouring 5/10/2014
64. Enterpreneur 7/5/2014
65. Awoke 5/2/2014
66. Moving On From You 11/14/2011
67. Baby You Drive Me Crazy 10/28/2011
68. When Nothings Going Right 10/11/2011
69. Goodnight 8/7/2011
70. He's The Guy 8/7/2011
71. Thank You Everyone 7/19/2011
72. I'M In Love With You, I Swear It's True 7/23/2011
73. Stay Strong 7/16/2011
74. Short Cute Sweet Love Poem 7/17/2011
75. Taking A Chance With You 7/16/2011
76. I'M Sorry Nick 10/9/2011
77. If You Weren'T So Far Away 10/10/2011
78. Youu 10/10/2011
79. Insecure 7/4/2014
80. Show Me You Love Me 11/22/2011

Comments about Jennifer Alejandra

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:18:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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  • Rj Niaz (7/19/2011 10:44:00 PM)

    hey jenni, i read ur poems realy they just make me speechless..
    Keet it up u r brilliant sweety,
    you can express in good way ur emothions and feelings.

Best Poem of Jennifer Alejandra

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
I've never found someone as patient
As you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you get lost
Then I'll look for you

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
You know I'm always sorry
When I hurt you

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
If I could 
Id turn back to when i first kissed you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't believe me
Then what else can I do 

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
Baby no one knows me 
As much as you

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
Believe I'll ...

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</>dont tell me to be strong
when you dont know whats wrong
dont tell me its okay
when you dont know what else to say

you dont know what i hide in here
my heart
all full of scars and fears

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