jennifer collins

Rookie (7/27/89 / Athens, Georgia)

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I've been through a lot, and had a hard life, but everyone has their up's and down's, right? sometimes I feel like no one could possibly understand the things I'm going through, or how I feel, but everyone, also, has gone through a lot worse situations than I have, whether it feels that way or not. It's like I'm on the fence...I know i need to get right with God, because I know he is the only one that can help me through all of my hard times, but at the same time, its hard for teens these days to have fun without doin stuff that could get them in trouble. Anyway...I dont want to put all of my business out for everyone to know, because I feel like there are somethings that you should keep to yourself, but Ill let you know some of the basic things:
I was born in Athens georgia, and lived there my whole life until I was in 9th grade when my mom and I started having problems. So, I moved to Fort Payne, Alabama, with my dad, who had just recently became a part of my life and wasnt ready to handle a teenager. well, like I said before, I've had my up's and down's, but they have gotten me where i am today. I've got one more year of High school, I'm dating a GREAT guy who treats me right...most of the time (lol) ...and after everything I've been through, I'm starting to feel independant. Updates


I feel so empty; my heart's made of stone.
There's no one around me; I feel so alone.

Everyone is against me; no one's on my side.
I have no one to care for, and no self-pride.

I have nothing to live for; I wish I would die.
No matter how bad it hurts, they will never see me cry.

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