Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

Rookie (2/19/1976 / Grapevine, TX)

Biography of Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

I live in Texas with my husband Mark, my girls Kat & Lucy, our lizards Puff, Vert, and Bombachu, our cat Gutz, and our dog Chopper. I am currently going back to school, working toward my Master's degree in Humanities with a focus in Literature. I currently work on creating websites for people, landscaping & lawn maintenance, making beaded and hemp jewlery, and whatever else it behooves me to do. I write poetry and prose and I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. My hobbies include gardening, disc golf, writing, reading, fishing, and any family time with my girls. I am fond of reptiles, mainly lizards, and hope to one day start a reptile refuge in East Texas for unwanted, mistreated, aged, and abused reptiles. I respect and worship nature, as I am a Celtic Pagan. I am openminded to the religions and beliefs of others and I expect others to show me the same courtesy. Thats about all there is to me that will fit here. All-in-all, I am me as there is no one else I can honestly be. Updates

For My Daughter Lucille

my daughter
I love you so
you are my star-shine
my heart swells with pride
for the angel you are,
the woman you will become,
the intelligence seen within.
My love for you is everlasting;
you hold my heart in the palm of your hand.

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